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World War Tea Dance

The school is hosting a World War tea dance which is in partnership with The Wave and Swansea Sound.  We are also in partnership with the #DontDanceAlone campaign, which is a campaign for lonely, elderly people, Loneliness affects around 75,000 elderly people in Wales, and 2 in 5 elderly people admit that their pet is their only company.  This campaign makes sure that no lonely elderly people are alone this winter. We are having a soft launch of this tea dance on Thursday 11th October 2018 at 1:30pm, where all elderly people are invited. We will be having the actual tea dance on Thursday 15th November 2018. In the morning, there will be activities for the whole school to join in with that are linked to the war, such as games, activities and air raid sirens! Children are encouraged to dress up as World War evacuees. We will also be having a competition for the best girl's costume and the best boy's costume from each year group. In the afternoon, at 1:30pm all elders are welcome to come and join us where there will be sandwiches, cakes and refreshments which will be prepared by the Year 6 catering team. There will also be entertainment, singing and dancing. Some Year 6's will be able to dance and sing along with the elderly.

No one has to be alone this winter.

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