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Golden Table

As part of our behaviour policy in school we have Golden Rules, these rules are followed by all of the children from Nursery to Year 6, the children abide by these rules and then at the end of the week get Golden Time. In addition to this we have a Golden Leaf assembly where 1 child per week gets picked by their class teacher for working hard in class and keeping the Golden Rules.

Mr O’Brien has added an exciting reward for the children in our school – the Golden Table which takes place every Friday and 1 child from each class is invited to dine with Mr O’Brien and a teacher on the Golden Table – it is already a big hit with the children (and staff). The children get to have their lunch 1st and sit in Golden Luxury at the head table in the hall, a fruit platter is shared amongst the children at the end of their meal. The children really enjoy being on this table and feel very proud to be invited to sit at the Golden Table. Here are some pictures for you to look at to see our Golden Children on the Golden Table.

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