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Golden Time & Golden Leaves

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Golden Leaf

During the busy week at school, children sometimes earn a ‘Gold Leaf’. A leaf can be awarded for a really good piece of work, a Supersaur effort, a particularly kind act, for showing noticeable improvement in an area, and many other fantastic reasons. Each class awards its own Gold Leaves, and these are displayed on a celebratory Coeden Aur/Gold Leaf Tree. Look out for weekly updates on Twitter to see who has achieved a Gold Leaf!

Golden Time

As part of our positive behaviour policy in school, we have a set of Golden Rules. These rules are followed by all of the children from Nursery to Year 6. At the end of each week, the children have ‘Golden Time’. This is a special time when the children choose from a wide range of activities and enjoy socialising with their peers. Children who were placed on the ‘rainbow’ during the week, select their activity first. The children at Birchgrove help to decide which activities are offered in Golden Time each week, and after a busy week, working hard and keeping the golden rules, everyone enjoys the experiences provided.

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