Nursery - Mrs Jones

Friday 15th January

An elephant is very big. Let’s play a game all about size.


Sing the Jolly Phonic songs, don’t forget to do the actions.

Use chalk, a pencil, a pen etc. to practice writing the initial sound of your name (or all of your name if you can).


Let’s pretend to be an elephant with Mr Tumble.

Can you remember how to sign the word ‘elephant’? I’d love to see a video of you doing it.


Thank you for all you hard work this week.  Have a lovely weekend, I’ll be back with a new sound and more activities on Monday x

3 Daily Do's Please do these activities everyday

1. Sing along and do actions to Jolly Phonic songs  

 2. Ask a grown up to read you a story 

3. Join me with counting up and back 0-10

Thursday 14th January

Use the number rhymes to help you write the number correctly

            Number rhymes


Listen to the Elmer story again

Discuss why it is important to celebrate our differences.


Make an Elmer the Elephant picture. Don’t forget to share them with me.

                                                                       Elmer colouring                                                                                                                        to print if you need it.

Wednesday 13th January

Listen to Jolly Phonics ‘e’ story. Can you remember any ‘e’ words from the story?

Have an egg and spoon race. You can use a stone or potato instead of egg. On your marks, get set, go! Did you win?

Colour the Numberblocks​ 

              Letter sound rhyme and colouring to print if you need it. 

I've added Mrs Mullan's Healthy Kids challenge (don't worry that you didn't start Monday, any day to start will be fine if you choose to take part. Lots of Exercise waiting for you!.

Mrs Mullan's Healthy Kids Challenge 

Birchgrove Youtube channel to support Mrs Mullan's challenge 

Tuesday 12th January

Pick a number. Can you find the correct amount of objects and do the correct amount of claps, taps, jumps etc?


One elephant went out to play counting songs

or this version


Practice writing the new letter ‘e’. You could use pencils, crayons, paint, chalk, shaving foam, glue…

Home Learning Plan - Monday 11th January 

New letter sound ‘e’.

Sing the song and do the action

Find items around the house starting with the sound 'e'.

How many items did you find? Count them and write the number.

Play ‘What is missing’ game with them.

Elmer the Elephant story read by the author 

Talk about the story and discuss why it is important to celebrate our differences.

Home Learning Plan - Friday 8th January

Quick update (9.30)

I'm not sure the Crickweb Lecky game is working for everyone this morning so here is an alternative 

Listen to and discuss the winter story.


Can you find 5 items of clothing that keep you warm? Don’t forget to send me a picture!

Play dress Lecky game

Sing Here go round the mulberry bush on a cold and frosty morning.


If you’ve got lots of energy join Andy on an arctic adventure. Come on let's  go! 

Home Learning  Plan - Thursday 7th January 

Draw and write about your favourite activity during the Christmas holidays.

Ask a grown up to help you make flash cards with numbers 0 -10. These can be used every day to count forwards and backwards and for number games.


Watch Numberblocks Number One

 Home Learning Plan - Wednesday 6th January 

Christmas 2020

Happy Christmas  Everyone!

A story for the nursery children read by me,Mrs Jones.

Stay safe, be good and have a lovely Christmas.

See you in January x

A message for our new friends joining our nursery in January.

Sorry I wasn't able to meet you in person so here's a short video I've put together for you to have an idea of some of the things we get up to in nursery.

Some photos taken before covid restrictions.

Week Ending 6th November

Thank you for the lovely autumn pictures. Our entrance to the nursery looks fantastic now. 

This week we have enjoyed exploring the rhyme of 5 Little Men in a Flyer Saucer. Next week we will focus on the  Brown Brown What Do You See Story.


Half-Term October 2020 Challenge




Have Fun!

October  2020

What a fantastic first half term we have had in nursery.

 We have been learning the Golden rules and exploring the school's Supersaurs to encourage us to have a positive mindset.

We have also loved playing with our new friends and telling each other all about ourselves. We have learnt the sound 's' and 'a', and are going to learn 'p' next week. We are hoping to make a pumpkin model next week too.

Over the Half-term  holiday, on this page I will be sharing a little task for you to do.  News coming soon!  

Mrs Jones 

Wednesday 6th January          

  • What was your favourite present from Santa? Talk about it with the grownups and perhaps tell me about it on Twitter (don’t forget #BGPNurs) or email a video or a picture to the school.  

  • Teddy’s favourite presents were cakes this Christmas. Can you give the correct amount of cakes to Teddy?