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Year 1 - Mrs Aitchison

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you all enjoyed the holiday and Christmas festivities!

The children have returned to school once again with excitement and we have enjoyed listening to all their holiday news.

We are starting a new term and therefore a new topic which is 'Castles and Fairy Tales'. The children have already shown lots of enthusiasm for this topic and have shared what they know and decided what they would like to find out. We have talked about ways of finding out the answers to their questions and the most popular response has been "Let's visit a castle" - so with pupil voice in mind, that's what we'll do! Look out for more information about this soon. The children have also decided that they would like to use the shed outside as a castle role play area and have been busy giving suggestions and making lists of the things they would like inside.

Newsletters and topic webs will be coming home this week and can be found below. New homework menus will be sent home in a couple of weeks once we've got stuck into the topic.

         spring term newsletter

Thank you for your continued support,

Year 1 Team

Spring term topic web

It's been a busy few weeks in Year 1 and the children are really getting into the swing of things. So far, we've been on a senses walk around the school and written about what we saw, heard, smelled and touched, we've been sharing lots of information about ourselves through pictures, words and even numbers and this week we have begun measuring using non-standard units. The children have been measuring various items around the classroom using blocks and they enjoyed measuring each other's heights outside to find out who was the tallest/shortest. We put all the data that the children collected into a block graph and we found out that most people in the class were 19 or 20 blocks tall.

Just a few reminders:

PE is on Thursdays if you haven't sent kits in yet.

Book bags need to be returned on Wednesdays. Please ensure you comment or sign the yellow journal so that we can change your child's book.

Tricky words can be kept at home and new ones will be sent out when we've reassessed the children.

Spelling words come home on Fridays and the children will be tested on them the following Friday.

Thank you for your continued support,

Year 1 Team

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had an enjoyable summer break. The children have returned to school full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm and they have made the transition into Year 1 seem effortless. 

The children have been exploring their new environment and are enjoying the independence of accessing provision in both classrooms. We spent the first week back talking about growth mindset and how it's important to keep challenging ourselves to make our brain stronger and how our Supersaurs help us learn. We have created a class charter which focuses on our rights to play, learn and be safe and the children have decided what their responsibilities will be throughout the year. 

This week we have introduced our topic for this term which is 'This is Me!'. We have begun by finding out what the children already know and what they want to find out. Our topic will look at the children as individuals and how they fit in to their family, school, clubs, the community and the wider world. We will be looking at how we are similar and different but most importantly that we are all special. The children have already begun to help us plan some activities during POP time (planning our provision) based on the story 'Elmer' and we look forward to seeing them complete some of these activities during COOL time (controlling our own learning).

We have already started to think about visits this term linked to our topic. We are planning a walk around Birchgrove to explore our community. We will be visiting Swansea Museum to take part in a workshop about toys from the past and we will be visiting the cinema as part of the annual Into Film Festival. Details about these visits will be sent home closer to the dates.

It was lovely to see some of you at our 'Meet the Teacher' evening to share information about what goes on in Year 1. Don't worry if you missed it, the information leaflets will be sent home with the children and copies have been attached to this page below. 

We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your children as the term progresses. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to us at the end of the day or alternatively, contact the office to arrange a convenient time.

Thank you for your support, Year 1 team.

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Welcome back everyone! It has been wonderful to see all the children this week and catch up with all the lovely things they've been doing during the holidays. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are ready for the final term in Year 1!


We started the week off by introducing our new topic 'Food, Glorious Food' and the children have been activating their prior knowledge to tell me what they already know. They have also come up with a wide range of questions about what they want to find out, which will keep us busy this term!

We have been looking at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted pictures using fruits and vegetables which have inspired us to create our own designs. 

In literacy we have been looking at facts and opinions which will help us with our 

new text type which is report writing. 

In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties and over 

the next few weeks we will be learning about time and money.

PE will continue to be on Thursday afternoons and our focus is games/athletics.

It is our class assembly on Friday May 10th and the children are really excited about performing on the stage for you. The children have already begun practising this week and they will have brought their words home for you to help them practise too. The assembly begins at 2pm in the lower hall and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

We have organised a few visits/visitors this term to link with our topic which will give the children valuable first hand experiences. On Friday June 7th we will be visiting Swansea Community Farm and the following week, representatives from Warburton's bread factory will be coming into school to help us make healthy sandwiches. More details of these will be sent out nearer the time.

Welsh Week

Wythnos Cymraeg

We are well into our Welsh week celebrations. We have been  focusing on the Welsh folktale 'Sion Cwilt' and we started the week off by asking questions about the front cover and making predictions about the ending of the story. The children have been busy writing a Welsh conversation between Sion and some of the animal characters that he met in the story. We have been practising our performance of the Welsh song 'Beth sy yn y cawl?' ready for the Eisteddfod celebrations. There have been lots of independent Welsh themed activities going on around the class including some lovely observational drawings of our beloved daffodils.

Well I can't believe that we are at the end of the first half of spring term! The weeks are flying by and the children are thoroughly enjoying our topic 'Houses and Homes'. We started off the topic by thinking about our own houses and learning the names for different types of homes. We used our map reading skills to go on a walk in our locality, spotting the different types of buildings and homes around the school - the children were amazed by the variety within a small vicinity! When we came back to school we used the data collected to make a block graph on the computer and the children made their own tally charts to find out what type of home their friends live in. They were even asking and answering in Welsh, very impressive! The children have loved looking at images of Birchgrove from long ago. We have studied photos of Heol Las and made comparisons from past and present, it's surprising that some things haven't changed a great deal. 

We have linked our topic with our literacy focus, which is story writing, and we have looked at several versions of 'The 3 Little Pigs'. We have been retelling, imitating and innovating the story in preparation for writing our own stories after half term. The children have also enjoyed acting out the story, doing some creative dance and adding music with Mrs Mullan. Thank you for your support in helping the children to make their own model houses, they can't wait to see which ones will be safe from the big bad wolf! 

We had a fantastic day out at Cardiff Castle, the sun shone all day and the children behaved impeccably. They thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling workshop. Dyfed the story teller was very engaging and he was very impressed with their imaginative ideas and knowledge of fairytales. The children created and recorded their own versions of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and we can't wait to receive the finished disk. During our visit we had a guided tour of the castle and explored the grounds. We will be carrying out further work on castles after half term which will link to our next story 'Hector and the Big Bad Knight'.

PE this half term has focused on throwing & catching and the children's skills have really improved. After half term we will be moving on to running and jumping skills which I'm sure the children will enjoy just as much.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you have a lovely half term.


What a great term we have had in year 1! We've learned so much about celebrations around the world- ask us anything... we are experts! 

The most magical time of year is fast approaching and we are busy practising for our Christmas concert- 'Jesus' Christmas Party.' Mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas you are all in for a treat, we can't wait to see you there! 

Our naughty Christmas elf Tinsel has been helping us to follow the golden rules this December. He has been playing naughty tricks on the children and having lots of fun!

Spellings won't be coming home until after Christmas. Reading books will be coming home as normal but due to concert practise we may not have the opportunity to read with the children individually. We will be reading lots of lovely Christmas stories as a class to get us in the Christmas spirit! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the year 1 team!



What a busy few weeks it has been in Year 1! The children have settled into their new environment really well and are getting used to all of the routines. 

The term so far has been all about birthdays and the children have even been planning a party which is happening this Friday (October 12th)

Thank you all for the Autumn treasures that you collected with the children. They have been busy sorting the items using different criterion, looking at different shades of autumn colours and creating pictures based on the story 'Leafman' which we read in class.

Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr Urdd and his colleague Nia. She played lots of Welsh games with us which we are now incorporating into our PE warm ups.

As promised, we have organised a visit to the Waterfront museum which will be on Monday 22nd October. Details are on the letters sent out on Thursday October 11th .

Next Monday (October 15th) we are having a Shwmae day which is all about enjoying and raising the profile of the Welsh language. Further details are on the letters sent out on Wednesday October 10th.

Welcome to our Year 1 class page. We hope you had a fantastic summer break - where did the 6 weeks go?!!!

The children have all come back to school with enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces, ready for the new challenges ahead. This week they have enjoyed exploring their new environment and we are really looking forward to getting to know them as the term progresses. We have talked a lot about growth mindset this week and how the Supersaurs can help us learn. The children have already impressed us with their positive attitudes, perseverance and determination.

Next week, we will be introducing our topic 'Celebrations' to the children. Our main focus this half term will be birthdays and Diwali. Our class newsletter and topic web was sent out on Friday (September 7th) and this will give you information about the skills the children will learn and important information about Year 1.

We have already started to organise some visits this term. Before half term we will be visiting Swansea Waterfront Museum to take part in a 'Light and Dark' workshop to link with our science theme. We will send out more information about this once the date has been confirmed. After half term (November 8th) we are visiting the Reel cinema in Port Talbot to see 'Early Man' as part of the IntoFilm Festival. Further information will be sent out nearer the date.

We hope to see you all in the 'Welcome to Year 1' meeting on Tuesday September 18th.

If you have any queries or questions about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to us at the end of the day or contact the school office to make an appointment.

Mrs Aitchison & the Year 1 team

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