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Year 3 - Miss Jeffreys

Y3J - 16th February 2021

Hello everyone, its the Half term break and we have just seen Valentine's Day come and go and today is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day). It has been a very odd half term so far hasn't it? It is such a shame that we haven't all been together to enjoy the start of our topic on Romans and Discussion writing but as the old saying goes - better safe than sorry. I hope you are all well and finding time to think about your well being and emotional health. I would like to pass 2 important messages on to you from me - 


boys and girls - this all seems very strange and unfair at the moment an it is difficult to get our heads around all of the things we can and can't do even for the adults but remember this WILL end and when it does we will all be back together and be able to chat, laugh and share how we feel. You make me very proud at how hard you are working and trying to keep up with your home learning, I so enjoy our Well being chats on a Tuesday as I actually get to see you and hear you laugh. Tell your parents if anything is worrying you, or you can tell me during our chats, it is the grown ups jobs to worry and we will try to make you all feel safe as best we can. You are AMAZING and I will never get tired of telling you that. 

parents/carers - I know that you are juggling to keep everything as normal as possible for your whole family but times aren't normal and you need to take care of you because if you don't who is going to look after everyone else? No-one is expecting you to be a teacher, you are mum/dad and that is a HUGE job on its own. Please, do what you can, when you can and if there are some assignments that can't be completed then that is fine. We all want the best for the children but there is a bigger picture too - the family's health and well being is so very important and will be for our lifetime, home learning will not be here for ever. Everyone is trying to do the best they can and I am very proud of you all for engaging and interacting like you do. Thank you for your support, not just for the past few weeks but since the start of the school year in September. 

Ok, that got a bit serious there didn't it! If you need support reach out via Dojo or the school email and we will do all that we can to give you the support you need. Hopefully we will see you very soon. Enjoy your pancakes.

Y3J - 31st December 2020

Well, it is only a few hours before the end of 2020 and it has been an "unusual" one hasn't it! It is hard not to reflect on the past year and to see how things have changed in every aspect of our lives, if this year has taught us something it is to be patient, adaptable and to be kind to others.

I have to say that the children have been very adaptable and accepting of the changes that have had to be made in class/school. We often haven't been given a great deal of notice regarding the changes that we have been instructed to make and I am very grateful to you, as parents (as well as the children), for taking these things on board and communicating with us so that we can support the children in the best way we can. We have managed to get through the Autumn term and are still smiling, lets keep that going into the Spring term. 

Please let me wish you all a very Happy, healthy New Year - I hope that 2021 will be much better and brighter for all of us. 

Y3J - 16th August 2020

Hello to all of the new Y3J pupils, I hope you are having a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to getting back to school in a few weeks time. So that you have something to do during the holiday we (Miss Murphy and myself) have set you a small assignment that you can find on your HWB account, open OFFICE 365 and then click on TEAMS and follow the link.

Just in case you have forgotten your login/password details the video is here for you to see. I cant wait to see you all in September. 

Y3J - 5th July 2020

We are nearly at the end of the Summer term  and it hasn't exactly been the term we all thought it would be has it! Despite the last few months being so unusual I just wanted to say that I have been thinking about all of the children and have enjoyed seeing their posts on Twitter and messages that I have received through Dojo. It has been great to see some of the children in school recently and to hear what they have been up to. Remember that you have the Class Dojo and Twitter to keep in touch with the rest of the children in the class and myself. Keep being positive and resilient just like you have been these past few months. 

Y3J - 31st March 2020

So the Spring term has come to an end and the children have been wonderful again, they have made me such a proud teacher. We have had an EXCELLENT Inspection Report (which you can read for yourselves by clicking on the link on the Menu page), the children were fabulous during the week of the Inspection (and every other week). It never fails to amaze me how focused and engaging they are when speaking to others about their learning, they want people to know how they are able to learn independently and that their Pupil Voice is listened to across the school. Thank you boys and girls for being proud, confident learners.

The topic of Romans was one that is always enjoyed by the children and lots of them were able to choreograph fight scenes by acting as if they were Gladiators - shield, costumes and swords at the ready! I am sure that all of the parents who were able to come to see our class assembly in February will remember fondly how each child took part in the performance with pride and confidence - such good acting/narrating from everyone. Another highlight was when the children took part in the Defibrillator and First Aid training - such worthwhile skills to have and to share with the wider community. 

So a huge THANK YOU from myself and Mrs Sims for all of the hard work this term from the children and to you, the parents, for your ongoing support. Remember to keep in touch via Class Dojo and Twitter. 

Y3J - 31st December 2019

This first term has been great, I have really enjoyed meeting all of the parents at Parent Evening in November and "chatting" to you via Class Dojo. Thank you for your support during the Autumn term and I look forward to the new year and the new term.

Our Spring term topic is ROMANS - always very popular with the children. We will be going on a trip to Caerleon to see the Roman amphitheatre, Baths and museum (details will be sent home about this during the first week back). We have our class assembly (deep breath, no nerves, we will be wonderful!) which is scheduled for 7th February at 2pm, so make sure to keep that date free in your diary as it will be an amazing spectacle and the children will shine. 

Our PE this term is dance and we will be focusing on traditional Welsh folk dance which we will then perform at the Eisteddfod in March. 

The children will be bringing home new spelling lists for the Spring term and I am very proud of the progress the children have made this past term, keep up the good work at home and we should be able to move up further at the end of the Spring term. Also we will be organising a Y3 Coding club as an after school activity, numbers will be limited to 20 and it will be 1st come 1st served, the consent forms will be sent out on the 1st day back on Tuesday. The rugby after school activity was very popular so we anticipate the Coding club to be just as popular.

Remember that if you need to discuss anything with me there are several options open to you - Class Dojo, telephone the school to make an appointment or come to see me after school. I will continue to post your photos on our Class Story page of Dojos so that just Y3J can see them but also we have a very active Twitter account that we really enjoy interacting with you on (@BGrovePrimary - its Birchgrove SWANSEA as there is a Birchgrove Primary in Cardiff too which lots of people get mixed up with).

Link to the Y3 Spring term newsletter                           and termly plan

Y3J - 1st October 2019

So we are now into Week 5 of the Autumn term and everything is going well, thank you to all of the parents who have signed up to the Class Dojo (there are just 3 still to sign up and we will have everyone on board). Last week we planted some beans to replicate the 4 different layers of the Rain forest and we have been keeping a Bean Diary to record our observations and measurements - but this week we nearly had a disaster! Due to the wind over the weekend we decided to move the beans inside as they were being blown over and lucky we did as this week after all of the extreme rainfall the shelter area outside our class (where the beans had been placed previously) became flooded! The beans would have floated away, never to be seen again! However, they are safe in the class due to our forward thinking and trying to protect them form the wind - plus the high level of water was put to good use as we made boats out of paper and had a competition to  see whose boat would float the furthest, so as you can see there is always a silver lining to everything in Y3J. 

Homework will be coming home this weekend for you to complete and return by next Friday - follow the link at the bottom of the page if you need another copy because the dog ate it!

Welcome to Y3J everybody!

It has been great to meet all of the children during the 1st week and we have had lots of fun getting to know where everything is and the routines of the class and year group. It's going to take a while before we are fully settled in, but we will get there! 

So far I have sent home the login details for the Class Dojo, the Y3 Autumn term newsletter and plan, your child's new Spelling words for the term and details of Y3 targets for Literacy and Maths. 

As you know, we have already booked a trip to the Ape and Monkey Sanctuary and the details are below. The trip is always a great success with the children (and myself), please return the consent forms and monies as soon as you can.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Y3 Parent Evening meeting on Wednesday 11th September at 5pm when we can all have a good chat about anything that is concerning you - in the meantime don't forget that Class Dojo is there for any message you want to send to me. 

Link to Y3 Autumn Term parent newsletter             and topic plan  

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