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Looking forward to The Spring term

During the Spring term our topic will be the Tudors and in order to help bring this topic to life we will be visiting St Fagan's to learn all about how the Tudors used to live. The children will then showcase their learning to you in a class assembly scheduled for 2pm on Friday January 31st, this is always a very popular event with parents so get there early to make sure you get a front row seat!

PE will remain every Wednesday afternoon and this term children will be looking at dance, and how dance is different now in comparison to the Tudor times.

Thank you for your support during the Autumn term and I look forward to working closely with you during the rest of the year and seeing all of the progress the children by working as a team.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact via Class Dojo


Our first term in Year 4 (2019) - Autumn Around the World in 80 Coins

What a fantastic first term it’s been. You have worked particularly hard over the first term and some fantastic progress has been made. Who can forget our interesting trip to The Royal Mint and how we saw coins being minted in front of us? In addition to that you have extended the independent learning by engaging with the Missions set each fortnight and even identifying things that you wanted to research and learn about.  Thank you to all of the parents who attended Parent Evening, it was lovely to meet you all and discuss how we can work together to continue to support the children in their learning journey.

The Christmas show was fantastic and all of the children worked so hard no matter what their role was. I have been very impressed with the team work and team spirit in our class this term and know that this will carry on into next term and beyond.  Now it’s time for the children to have a well earned break over Christmas.  

Pupil Blog Entry

Explorer Week


While our friends are exploring West Wales in Llangrannog, we thought we would do some exploring of our own! We have worked hard to develop our ICT skills, map reading and team work but most importantly we have had lots of fun along the way!


Gareth is our pupil blogger this week, he has enjoyed emailing Mrs Rees at the end of each day, recounting what we have done.


Today in school, we were learning about explorers and what you need to go on an expedition, like a food and a water supply. Then after play, we came back in and finished the work and after that we took a screen shot of our work and we uploaded it to HWB. Then we had lunch, when we came back we went on a treasure hunt in teams. Team 1 and Team 2 had to find four envelopes, team 1 had to search for the blue envelopes and team 2 had the green envelopes. Then we opened them and we had to match the explorers to the description on the pieces of paper.  After that, we got laptops and Mrs Rees picked which kind of explorer we would write about in our fact file.

By Gareth 







In school today we came in and we were learning all about animals and their habitats. First, we went outside of the school and we took a look at the chicken coop and other possible habitats. After that, we came back in and then we took a look at forest school. We were then given an explorer passport booklet. We filled the 2 questions in and flipped it over and drew ourselves as explorers. Then we opened it, drew a map of forest school and wrote directions for how to get there. Then we had lunch, once we came back in the afternoon, we matched up animals with their amazing abilities. Then we created our own creatures in pairs. After that for being so good we all got to take a book home, we all walked out and went home.

By Gareth


Today when we got in to school we sat down and we got into  partners. We drew a backpack and we thought of things that an explorer would need if they were going to Antarctica. Then we sat back on the carpet and Mrs Rees told us that we had to buy good clothing, equipment and food for an expedition. We only had a budget of £700 and we had to spend the least money! After play we started the second part of the work, we had to spend the remaining money on food for an expedition, we now only had a budget of £60 and we had to spend it on  breakfast lunch and dinner! Then we had lunch and when we came back we went with Mrs Mullen and we did stop motion animation.

By Gareth


Welsh Week

Wythnos Cymraeg

Year 4 chose to study the legend of King Arthur and his wizard friend Merlin.

We began by researching both characters and discovered that there are many legends which link to different places in Wales.

Did you know that King Arthur is said to have defeated the great giant, Rhita Gawr, on top of Snowdonia?

Did you know that King Arthur's sword is thought to have been made on the mystical island of Avalon, off the coast of West Wales?

We were amazed to hear that there is a giant boulder in the Gower, which is thought to have been kicked all the way from Carmarthen when King Arthur found it in his shoe!


We then completed different challenges:

Some of us had to do lots of research to answer questions about King Arthur using our ICT skills.

Some of us became authors and created mini books. We could either create a non-fiction book about the legends of King Arthur and Merlin in Wales or we could retell the story of how Arthur became King. Look at how impressive they are, we are very proud!




We then created beautiful artwork using pastels. Look at those colours!















We also described King Arthur, Merlin and Guinevere in Welsh. We were able to develop our Welsh vocabulary and practise speaking in Welsh when performing it in front of our art work using the green screen.

To complete the week, we decided to create a book of spells for Merlin. We all thought of the most imaginative potions and wrote fantastic instructions for any wizard who wishes to create them! 

What a busy week!!


This week, we have started learning about William Shakespeare. He was alive in Tudor times and wrote lots of famous plays. The group I was in heard the story of A Midsummer Night's dream. We had lots of fun watching videos, acting out scenes and making freeze frames. 

I have started designing my puppet and I have chosen Hermia, because my name is MIA! I am excited to start making my puppet this week!

By Mia

Pupil Blog Entry

Shakespeare Puppets

Our trip to the Royal Mint

Here are a few photos of our trip to the Royal Mint. The children are busy remembering our day and their finished recounts will be uploaded soon...

Our trip to the Royal Mint

Here are a few photos of our trip to the Royal Mint. The children are busy remembering our day and their finished recounts will be uploaded soon...

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. I have had a lovely few weeks getting to know your children and I am sure we have a fun, exciting year ahead of us!

Our topic for this term is 'Around the World in 80 coins'. Through pupil voice, we have decided which countries we are going to 'explore'. Please look at the newsletter below for more information. 


The children have also enjoyed taking part in their Mission activities (independent activities) every afternoon. The children have already created fantastic pieces of artwork by using viewfinders to look at the detail in a range of landmarks from around the world.


The children will be updating the class page regularly with photos and information about everything we have been learning about both in and out of the classroom. If your child would like to add to our class page from home, please use Class Dojo to send their ideas to me. I will then upload their input to our class page as often as possible.

If you have any queries, questions or concerns please contact me via Class Dojo or the school office.

Mrs Rees

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