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Developing our vision for Curriculum for Wales 2022

Birchgrove pupils have shared their thinking on what pupils at our school should become as a result of our curriculum experience. They have described the citizens of the future, referring to the importance of wellbeing and being able to fulfil their potential. Governors and families have been consulted and invited to share their vision for our school and its pupils, leading to agreement on what the priorities for our school should be. Their words echo the Four Purposes of the Curriculum for Wales, and in collaboration with our school staff, the vision for Birchgrove Primary has been determined:

Our Vision:-

Our vision for Birchgrove Primary School is that, as a Learning Organisation, it becomes a community of excellence where all are entitled and encouraged to :-

  • Become well rounded, ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn. Learners who are enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work.

  • Achieve their full potential through an inclusive, safe, happy learning environment that recognises that each child is unique and valued.

  • Be tolerant, respectful and accepting of others, promote sustainable development, are ethically informed and persevere and develop a positive mindset to become resilient lifelong learners.

  • Participate in a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum through providing a wide range of learning experiences, including independent experiential learning, which focus on the needs of the individual who become digitally competent, preparing children for an ever evolving world.

  • Continually reflect and evaluate progress within a culture of trust, honesty and openness, so that the quality of teaching and learning within our school, continues to improve.

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