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School Dinners and Allergy Information

School Menu

Weekly menus at £2.40 per day.

At £2.40 a day we feel that our menu is value for money and provides a nourishing hot meal that has been designed with kids in mind. Feeding children good school food is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Did you know?

  • We freshly prepare all our meals daily - we do not use leftovers and we do not re-heat our meals.

  • All our meals comply with the Welsh Government nutritional standards.

  • Vegetables and salads are offered to every pupil, every day.

  • Over 80% of our vegetables, salad and fruit are sourced from the UK.

  • All our eggs are free range and BEIC Lion Quality.

  • Vegetarian and halal options are available daily. With GP referral, special diets can be made available.


Aid to learning

Recent research has shown that a good, healthy meal at lunchtime can help improve pupils attention and response during afternoon lessons.

A well balanced diet

We passionately believe that every child deserved a healthy, well balanced diet. A freshly prepared meal at school goes a long way to achieve this.

Experienced caterers

We are experienced caterers that pride ourselves in maintaining a skilled and caring workforce.

School Meals Allergen and Food Intolerance Information

Has your child got any food allergies or intolerance? If so, please view our daily menu, so you can make an informed choice for your child.

There are 14 major allergens which need to be declared when used as an ingredient. The document below will tell you which allergens are found in the foods we serve in our primary school menus. Although every care is taken, some products may contain nuts.

If your child suffers from an allergy or food intolerance we hope that the information below can provide you with the details of allergens in our foods. We cannot completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination during the production of the meals. Please contact the school kitchen or catering office to discuss the menu in more detail.

Any queries please contact Swansea Council Catering Service on Tel: 01792 773473.

School Meals Allergy Information

sQuid - Cashless Payments for School Meals

Online payments for school meals have been rolled out to primary schools in Swansea. Swansea Council is covering the cost of introducing the new online system provided by sQuid that allows parents or guardians to pay electronically for school meals and other school items. A number of payment methods are available so parents can choose which method suits them best. This system will offer better safety and security and eliminate problems associated with the use of cash such as loss, theft, or bullying.

This follows the successful launch of cashless catering and sQuid online payments at many comprehensive schools in Swansea, and has proved popular with parents and pupils. As part of the new arrangements schools will be asking parents and carers to ensure they pay for school meals in advance to avoid building-up debts.

To help parents, the system will automatically alert them when their account is running low.

Sometimes parents or carers may genuinely forget to pay in advance so the school will ensure their child is provided with a meal that day. However, they would be expected to repay the money the following day.

Pupils entitled to free school meals will continue to receive them but parents are still encouraged to create a sQuid account which will allow them to check what their child has eaten for lunch, and also pay for other school items online if they wish.

Parents and guardians can find out more on where they can also make an online application or print off a form to send to the Civic Centre. Anyone with queries about free school meals can contact 01792 635894 or email or visit the contact centre in the Civic Centre. Parents can learn more about sQuid and create a sQuid account by visiting


No Debt Policy

As of 1 September 2017, the City and County of Swansea will adopt a clear no-debt policy relating to the payment and provision of school meals. This is to ensure that, other than where there is an entitlement to free school meals, parents or carers pay for children’s meals. For more information, open the No Debt Policy Document.

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