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Educational Links

Here are a few websites that you may find interesting which you can use at home - they are not linked to the school in anyway and we have no control over what is on the site or the views they express. Always remember to stay INTERNET SAFE when visiting any website and don't give out details that you would not like seen by the whole world (that is what "www" stands for after all!).


Please visit our E-Safety page for further information on how to keep your child safe on the internet, mobile phone and games console.

BBC Schools - Lots of information about all subject areas. Look at the section for 4-11 year old and you are bound to find something that will be of use to you. Suitable for Infants and Juniors

Bob the Builder - Can you use it? Yes you can! This site is another favourite to help the younger children develop their ICT skills. Suitable for Infants


Bobinogs - A great Welsh language site aimed at younger children But don't panic adults can use this too as it has an English site option too. Go on give it a go - you will be surprised how much Welsh your child knows. Suitable for Infants


CBeebies - An old favourite that most of you use already but this site is very useful for promoting ICT skills, directions, maths, reading and so much more. Suitable for Infants


Channel 4 Schools - An interactive site that will allow you to search for subject areas to help your child with their school work. Remember to look at KS1 and 2 items. Suitable for Infants and Juniors


Crickweb - Lots of resources here, you can access Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Parent information and games so is suitable for every child in Primary Education. You are bound to find something you like here. Suitable for Infants and Juniors


Enchanted Learning - Quite a large site with lots of nursery rhymes and games to help the younger children to practise their reading. Suitable for Infants

Fun with Spot - Spot has come to help our younger children to learn new skills through fun games and activities. Suitable for Infants


FunSchool - The motto of this site is "We make learning fun" so off you go and have lots of fun whilst you learn. Suitable for Infants


Guided Reading Activities with Roy the Zebra - Lots of games and activities that will help your child with their reading and spelling. Well worth a visit. Suitable for Infants


ICT Games - More interactive activities that help the children with Literacy and Numeracy. Learning through fun games is always the way to go! Suitable for Infants and Juniors 


NRich Maths - A really useful website that will let you find activities for your children right up to A Level (just in case you wanted to really challenge the children!) Suitable for Infants and Juniors


Oxford Owl - A great site that is for parents which gives you tips for ways in which you can help your child to read at home. Suitable for Infants


Parents in Touch - So many good resources for parents to help them understand what is going on in school. This website covers all aspects/areas of school. Focuses on children from 3 years upwards so you can choose things that are suitable for your children dependent on ability as well as age. Suitable for Infants and Juniors


Peter Rabbit - Lots of fun activities that are based on the character Peter Rabbit, extend your ICT skills as well as those all important thinking skills. Suitable for Infants


Phonics Play - Lots of phonic games to help with word building and spelling, good for all age groups and for revising spelling patterns learnt in previous terms/years. Suitable for Infants and Juniors


Postman Pat - Another old favourite - Postman Pat and his friend Jess the cat help the children to navigate around the village learning new skills with every letter Pat posts. Suitable for Infants

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