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Birchgrove Primary Welcome

Past School Poem Winners

Overall Winner - School Poem


Birchgrove Primary School


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday


I rise from my bed,

With that ringing sound in my head.

It’s 7am, my alarm clock rings,

“It’s time for school!” I love to sing.

After breakfast I get washed and dressed,

Then off to Birchgrove school I go, it’s the BEST!


The teachers here are really nice,

I have great friends they’re as cool as ice.

In our class we love to learn,

Dojo points we aim to earn.


Maths, English, art and Welsh we try,

P.E. on Thursdays, outdoors if it’s dry.

Drama, music, dance we give it a go,

At Christmas and Summer come see our shows!


With help and encouragement our work gets done,

In Birchgrove Primary we have lots of fun.

Mr O’Brien teaches us always to be kind

And to have goodness in our minds.


For as many hands build a house,

So many hearts build a school…

Birchgrove Primary School YOU RULE!


By Sadie

Birchgrove Poem
Birchgrove Poem

School Council - Winner KS2


Birchgrove Primary School


Birchgrove School is the best

Far far better than all the rest.


The teachers are gentle and kind

Ask for help they do not mind.


The classrooms are colourful and cosy

Come along and have a nosey.


The school dinners have the best taste

You will never see me leave any waste.


Playtime is fun with all my friends

We spend all our time building dens.


Creative station is so much fun

We try really hard to get our work done.


Home time comes around so fast

As always I’ve had a blast.



Birchgrove Poem

School Council - Winner FP


Birchgrove Primary School


I go to Birchgrove School every day

It helps me learn in every way.


Caring teachers, classroom fun

I make friends with everyone.


Reading, writing, P.E. too

We try our best in all we do!


Helping, learning being kind too

Getting along is what we do.


Golden table, lunchtime fun

Chickens playing in the sun.


The teachers will help to make us clever

So I will love Birchgrove forever!


By Libby

Birchgrove Poem
Birchgrove Poem
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