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Birchgrove Primary Welcome

Additional Policies and Procedures

Statutory Policies

Admissions Policy

Attendance Policy

Charging Policy

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Pay Policy

Performance Management Policy

Pupil Discipline (including Anti Bullying) Policy

Prospectus (including School Session Times)

Safeguarding Policy

Sex Education Policy

Staff Discipline, Conduct, Capability and Grievance Policy

Statutory Documents

Accessibility Plan

Action Plan following Inspection

Assessment Arrangements

Freedom of Information publication

Governors Allowance

Governors Annual Report to Parents

Instrument of Government

Minutes of and papers of GB meetings

School Development Plan

Partnership Agreement

Register of Business Interests

Register of pupils

Training Committee

Non Statutory Recommended Policies

School Toilet Policy

School Uniform Policy

E-Safety Policy

Substance Misuse Policy

Sustainable Development Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Food and Fitness Policy

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