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Shwmae! Croeso to the Criw Cymraeg page. It has been a busy start to the term with our weekly meetings, and with our Shwmae Day celebrations. We had an awesome day because we had a Welsh music workshop in the morning to choose what Welsh songs we wanted for our disco. This was no ordinary disco... it was a pedal power disco! Go on to the school Twitter page to see some photos from the day. 

Da bo!

Wow! Criw Cymraeg have been extremely busy this half term. We are have been trying to complete the final targets to achieve the Siarter Iaith.  

During the Summer term, we decided where we wanted to place chalkboards for everyone to practise their Welsh phrases. Now they have been put on the walls, we wrote questions in Welsh for the children to read and answer.  

Shwmae Day is on the 15th of October. This day reminds us that it doesn’t matter how much Welsh we know, we can all say shwmae! To encourage everyone to use their Welsh, each year group with have a Welsh app to review as a class. See the bottom of the page to check out the poster showing a list of apps you can download at home. Go to our school Twitter account to see how Shwmae Day goes!

The Criw Cymraeg play a vital role in promoting the Welsh language and identity throughout the school.


Meetings are held weekly and the Criw members discuss different ways to encourage pupils to use the Welsh language by developing incentives and competitions.During the meetings ‘Patrwm yr Wythnos’ (Welsh sentence pattern of the week) is chosen and then relayed in class to their fellow pupils.

The primary focus for the Criw Cymraeg is to work towards achieving the Bronze award for the Welsh Charter. This entails promoting the Welsh language to fellow pupils and members of staff.